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7 Aug

Oh, but  I need to digress before I start.

Elena was reading history and said, Mamma do you know that statue we saw on our last trip is the largest monolithic statue in India. Aurora also remembered “Oh that! We had climbed up the hill and seen that huge statue of a man without any clothes”

To ensure that they retain a little more than that about the places they visit, now I try and tell them the stories about the places we visit before we start on our trips.

And Hampi has really fascinating ones..


Narasimha at Hampi


My travel diary

7 Aug

Where do I start? Chronologically since our first trip with Elena? Or would it actually start with our trip to Sariska when I was seven months pregnant. (The tigers were around at that time). We reached home after midnight, found the main gate locked-and had to climb over the compound wall to get in.

Or let me start with the latest trip to Hampi and then go back and fill in as much of the memorable trips as I can. That would be random-and more like the way I think.

Travel diary